Venezuela-born, but currently living in Switzerland, the producer Arutani translates his diverse inspirations and life experiences into equally multifaceted music.

His upbringing remains omnipresent in his releases, whether he’s remixing borrowed material (see below) or in his original compositions. Earlier this month, the Basel-based producer released a new 2-track EP called “SUEÑ002“, a follow up to his debut release “Luces Del Recuerdo“.

In the stomping rhythms, bird-like sounds and a contemplative atmosphere of “Niam” and “Catatumnbo” – both lasting exactly 7:44 – you can almost hear his longing for South American nature, which he’s apparently managed to bring with him to the European continent.

While you can stream “SUEÑ002” in its entirety on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, here’s his recent (spectacular) re-imagining of Simón Díaz’s unforgettable song “Tonada De Luna Llen“, as performed by Natalia Lafourcade and Gustavo Gerrero.

Arutani on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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