As He Said

As He Said found their name while hastily browsing a dictionary right before their first ever concert.

Now they look forward to releasing their EP after a typical Norwegian summer sharing beer in the park and playing at a small festival that ended up in a real barn rave. “It was humid, full of spider webs and rubber boots, but extremely fun,” vocalist Synnøve Gustavsen Ovrid says about the barn rave.

The band describes their music as based on a contrast with vast and dreamy sound combined with fragile and intimate lyrics. As He Said have already released three songs, but promise a music video and a new single in November before dropping their first EP.

“We are trying to keep the original atmosphere and presence you find in a newly written song that solely consists of lyrics, melody and a couple of chords,” Ovrid says before continuing: “Through adding substantial synthesizers, beats and effects to the guitar we end up with making music that’s soaring, enormous, close and nude at the same time.”

Through inspirations like Tame Impala, Jaga Jazzist, Broen and Highasakite, As He Said aspire to become part of the rapidly expanding collection of dreamy pop music mixed with jazz.

Stay tuned for new material being released while listening to their most recent song “Get Me Drunk” above.


Photo: Leikny Havik Skjærseth

As He Said on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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