(( ASA ))

Born between Porto (home of singer Melissa Veras) and Lisbon (where producer David Francisco lives), this Portugese duo have been also connecting distant inspirations whether you think about geography, time, or music genres.

There’s something of the classic 4AD atmosphere in their works, and there’s a little chance fans of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, The Cure would miss opportunity to see them live. But at the same time, (( ASA )) is an example of those modern post-post-rock bands who are defined by a certain “vibe” rather than particular style or instruments they use.

Accompanied by a picturesque video shot in Switzerland, “Hidden in the Forest” is just one of 12 enchanting tracks included on their debut album, “Closer”, which you can stream in its entirety here.


Photo: Bernardo Coelho

(( ASA )) on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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