The loud and stirring group from Basel is back. With their second album “Cyanide”, Asbest dismantle the false views and perceptions that prevail in society.

The group has returned with nine tracks full of noisy sounds to put a stop to digital transfiguration and the whitewashing of today’s society. Since forming in 2016, Anouk Robyn Trachsel, Judith Breitlinger and Jonas Häne have stood up for bringing Switzerland’s hypocritical self-promotion closer to reality.

Asbest play their music slowly and insistently, longer pieces like “Declaration of Defenselessness” bring worries and fears seething to the surface. The unmistakable mixture of noise, post-punk and dirty rock has a gruelling effect, the production is never too tidy.

The two interludes without vocals let the world into the album, sounds and samples scraping across the floor. The album claws its way inside for a long time and provides the necessary drive.

Stream “Cyanide” LP (A Tree In A Field Records) on Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal.


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