Asia i Koty

A solo project from prolific singer-songwriter, Joanna Bielawska, who channels her innermost concerns into low-keyed, artful songs.

Her sophomore album “Sing”, four years in the making, chronicles Bielawska’s struggle with depression. “The songs were written without any prior planning – they are the result of spontaneous home recording sessions which occurred when I had a chance to turn my self-loathing into creative energy”, she said in a press release.

That impromptu approach can be heard in “I’m Gonna Use My Claws”, the first single off the record which is, oddly enough, also the most energetic song on the album.

On the album Bielawska plays guitars and keys, often looping the instruments into repetitive chords that create a feeling of bleak monotony. However, while her songs are steeped in heartache, the mood never falls into despair.

There’s spiritual strength in Bielawska’s singing that indicates hope and elevates her performance to a higher level of sophistication.

You can hear “Sing” LP in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Asia i Koty on Facebook, Bandcamp.

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