Arty and poppy at the same time, the new single from Audri seems like a jazzy pinball machine.

Beautiful weather and corona have been capturing large parts of Europe during the past weeks. Symbolising the positive and the negative, they could form the perfect battery.

The same goes for ‘Harbor Me’ by Audri. As from the very first notes and singing, a warm and sunny feeling slips into the room. Nevertheless some melancholy and despair also try to find their way throughout this captivating song.

The result is arty and poppy at the same time. ‘Harbor Me’ could definitely be a nephew or niece from many a song by Stereolab or Bjork. The song is about restlessness and trying to solve a puzzle, which is expressed very well from a musical point of view by the jazzy pinball machine that the song seems to be.

On April 24th, Audri will release ‘Paper Planes’, her second EP and the follow up of ‘Fool’s Gold’. It will hopefully help us to enjoy the beautiful weather even more, and to forget about corona every now and then.


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Photo: Shana Kroes

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