Ainsley Farrell

“It’s a song about the comfort in the repetitive cycles of life and knowing that the cycles will continue on after you’re gone,” says the Australian folk singer-songwriter Ainsley Farrell when we ask her about “Home”, the closing track of her wonderful debut album, “Air & Sea”.

“But it is also about feeling restless and rebellious towards these cycles and finding ways to break out of them that make you feel truly alive and awake in those moments,” she adds. “I see ‘Home’ as the sunset or more appropriately ‘dusk’ of the album. It just felt right to put it as the last track.”

Dusk will turn to dawn and we’ll all follow along.
Dusk will turn, turn
Dawn will burn, burn

“It’s a pretty surreal feeling to have released this album,” says Ainsley, whom we first introduced on beehype just after the release of her impressive first single, which opens “Air & Sea”. “It’s been in the making for a long time and there have been so many ups and downs throughout it all. It’s really taught me patience and perseverance.”

“Most of these songs were just written in my bedroom years ago without any plan of compiling them into an album. It wasn’t until I moved to Sydney, where I met a few friends really satiating their musical appetites as artists, that I decided to pursue and explore my music more.”

You can stream “Air & Sea” in its entirety here.


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