Malo Zima

Among all the surprises 2015 brought in the Australian scene the Brisbane-based quintet Malo Zima has been one of the biggest ones, and certainly a name to follow next year.

Initially a duo of Amela Duheric (voice & guitars) and Jacob De Weger (guitars & synths) who met in 2013, the project quickly evolved into a proper group who recently released their debut EP, “Cornerstone.”

As the band explains, the album is filled with “atmospheric textures, supported by a driving rhythm section, fingerpicked guitars, and melodic vocals.” It’s also a result of about a year of work in various settings, from bedrooms to proper studios.

The atmosphere of Malo Zima’s first work mirrors the recording process, combining youthful candor you’d expect from newcomers with intricate arrangements that channel the finest alt-rock bands like Radiohead or Grizzly Bear.

The single “‘Til It’s Gone” is the shortest of five songs making up the EP, and a great introduction to Malo Zima’s work. Amela Duheric’s ethereal vocals are obviously in the center of the band’s sound, but just like in the other songs – you can safely move your attention to the foreground and never be left alone.

You can stream “Cornerstone” EP in its entirety on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Photo credit: Aimee Catt

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