OK Badlands

“Kate and I wrote the song together last year, and it was recorded in a bedroom studio on the Gold Coast with our friend Josiah Birrell from GOVS,” says Sally Latter from the alt-pop group OK Badlands when we ask her about their summery single “Cheap Tuesday.”

“It’s about how it’s inevitable that good things in life come and go,” adds Sally. “So it’s not technically dedicated to cheap Tuesdays at the Burleigh Pub with our band every week, but that’s relevant.”

Together with Kate Gurren, she’s a founding member of the Brisbane-based group. Initially a duo, it was soon bolstered with some manpower: drummer Jadon Dymock, guitarist Dan Gough and keys player Aaron Moore, whose solo project wash. we recently presented on beehype.

Now a proper alt-pop quintet, they offer free-spirited songs like the debut single “Good Logic“, our favourite “Cheap Tuesday” and the most recently released track “Online TV.” The world badly waits for their debut album, even if it doesn’t know it yet.


OK Badlands on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

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