The unstoppable Saudi Arabian studio 8iess is back with yet another spectacular video, and a controversial one.

You might remember the video “Samry King” that Majed Alesa & Misfer gave us a few years back, still one of the most entertaining I can remember, or “Eidayn”, taking on his metaphoric on a next level.

In their latest clip “عيدوا”, another bright – or should we say dark – chapter in their impressive video catalogue, Ayado takes us to the eponymous feast of zombies.

To add some context, you might notice the video was released on the of Eid al-Fitr holy day in Islam, hence the association was immediate.

That’s why the comment section under the video on YouTube is so busy, but you might want to google translate it yourself to have a full picture of quite diverse responses to the clip.

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