Babasónicos is an hedonistic band, but their new album “Trinchera” is marked by death.

Babasónicos is one of the most relevant Argentinian bands. Their career started in 1991, in the midst of “Nuevo rock argentino” movement, a group of alternative bands which was developing locally the sonic sound of Madchester.

Since then, Babasónicos have had a steady career and became mainstream stars; in the middle they became the first Argentinian band with a DJ in their lineup, toured the world, founded a label of their own and published really iconic albums. Only them could marry the pop and the rock audience in our country back in the start of the millenium. Album after album they sound different, even today.

Trinchera” is their thirteenth effort and is their pandemic album, a very difficult tag to avoid in recent releases.

Babasónicos is an hedonistic band per se, but “Trinchera” is an album marked by surrounding of death, reflecting on topics such as the end of the times and transcendence. “Bye Bye”, one of the singles included in it, is an athem of casual sex and the void after it, and also one of the most danceables songs of the album.

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