Baby Guru

Fourth full-length album from the adventurous Athenian band, that returns with its familiar joyful afro-funk and psychedelic rock.

This is the 3rd time we meet Baby Guru on beehype, since 2014. And now they came back with eight new songs that blend mainly their ’60s influenced pop sensibility and ’70s prog-rock confidence, boosted by the afro-funk percussion and rhythm sections.

The foursome stays faithful to its trademark sound, even if it slows down with sensitive ballads like the emotional and melancholic “Before Sundown”, or accelerates the rhythm like the gorgeous “Tell Me What You’re Made Of”, probably the best track of their album “IV” and personally my favorite one.

The English lyrics of Prins Obi (who by the way has just released his new solo album “The Age of Tourlou”) and his delicate vocals unfold gently and attractively.

It makes me wonder at times if Baby Guru were not from Greece and instead originate from US or Australia, would they have a better luck out there?

Oh well, what the heck, let’s press again the play button.

Stream “IV” LP on Bandcamp.


Photo credit: Eftychia Vlachou

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