Bad Daughter

Dark and cold-blooded songs about love from one of our favourite Croatian singers.

After many years of performing as Lovely Quinces, Dunja Ercegović has reactivated her second alter-ego Bad Daughter with whom she released some lo-fi EP a few years ago.

Now she has a completely new story about it. She isn’t the “girl with the guitar” anymore, because she has moved forward to modern indie pop sound, much darker but danceable and melodic. It just didn’t fit to Lovely Quinces catalogue, although in both projects she sings about love and relationships.

Before summer, she released her first single “Favourite Game”, and a few weeks ago another one called “Thick”, which is accompanied by an artistic lyric video created by Martin Peranović.

Lovely Quinces expresses heartache loudly, while Bad Daughter sings in a very calm, cold-blooded way on the same topics, but from a superior, almost “psychopathic” perspective.

After a few EPs in her career, these new singles finally announce her full length album “Let Me Panic”, which is going to be released very soon, probably by the end of the November. For this material, she has collaborated with producer Leonard Klaić.


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Photo: @aka_hochstapler

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