Bad Karma Boy

Extraordinary sound and melodies make Bad Karma Boy’s third LP “Prekrásny nový svet” unique.

For years they have been exploring new ways of making music and trying to find their sound. After three albums it looks like they finally hit the jackpot. With the help of producer Pišta Kráľovič (FVLCRVM and Nvmeri), Bad Karma Boy found their musical balance and sound like almost no-one else on the local scene.

Firstly, they started as a project of Juraj Marikovič, former guitarist of popular Slovak band Para. Together with his girfriend Adela Tihláriková they formed a duo and were later joined by drummer Petr Hrabě (he left the group and was replaced by Roman Lauko) and bassist Alan Prekop (also know from duo Purist).

Although Bad Karma Boy lyrics are in Slovak, they are not the most important part of their music. It’s the sound, the melodies and the extraordinary production that make their third LP so unique. Combined with their aesthetic videos, Bad Karma Boy are worth giving a shot.

Preview “Prekrásny nový svet” LP here.


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