A band from Salvador, Bahia, BaianaSystem released their first album in 2010. Since then, the group has earned respect for their inventiveness.

Their recently released new record, “Duas cidades” (“Two cities”), was one of the most awaited albums on the independent scene in Brazil. It’s a dance album, and at the same time it’s got strong political content in the lyrics.

BaianaSystem’s sound is a mixture that combines dancehall, Bahian guitar, rap rhymes, axé – a popular music style in Brazil – sound system, rock, dub and pop.

The song that we’re presenting here is a partnership between the band and the Argentine musician living in Brazil, Mintcho Garrammone.

A few years ago, Mintcho played an instrumental cumbia in the Salvador Carnival, which had the name “Descomprimindo”. After that the group’s singer, Russo Passapusso, wrote the lyrics for the song and named it “Lucro (Descomprimindo)”.

The politicized lyrics of this song address the disorderly growth of cities, with buildings popping up in public spaces, that favors companies and not people. Something that has a lot to do with the current situation of Brazil.


You can stream “Duas cidades” LP in its entirety here.

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