Baishui (白水)

Less than one year after his previous release(s), Chinese composer and multi-instrumentalist Baishui is back with an enthralling new album “Their Paradise” (兒童樂園).

The latest from the Sichuan raised composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound artist Baishui (白水) finds the multi-talented artist furthering his musical eccentricities all the while retaining and sharpening his intimate and affectionate signature.

Originally intended to be a purely instrumental piece using analog synthesizers, the track slowly transformed into a song-oriented piece that finds the musician teaming up with electronic musician Yao Chunyang and Chengdu singer Yuan Tian.

What emerges is a spirited, kinetic, electroacoustic take thats finds new textures and canvas for his poetic prose.

Stream “Their Paradise” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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