In 2013, Rio de Janeiro-based band Baleia drew attention of the Brazilian public when they released their first album, “Quebra azul”. In this work, they demonstrated unconventional, quite experimental sound.

It was difficult to classify the group as among their influences we could hear alternative rock, post-rock, jazz, indie and something we might call post-MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).

Recently, the band released their second album called “Atlas”. On this new record, they continue their search for deep music that sounds grandiose, complex, strange, but also contemplative.

While Baleia’s songs can take the listener through various moods, their lyrics deal with problems of contemporary, urban life, reinforcing the contemplative feature the band proposes in the music.

Just like the whole album, the first single from the new album titled “Volta” bring a whole range of emotions in its five minutes. The most striking elements are probably the percussion and violins, which build its intensity and make the overall sound so grand.

Set in a gloomy weather, the clip shows a very peculiar ritual that seems involve someone’s rebirth. The images further intensify the atmosphere of the music, which seems to be a ritual in itself, seeking for new artistic possibilities.


Stream “Atlas” LP in its entirety here.

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