Balkan Beat Box feat. A-WA

Internationally acclaimed trio Balkan Beat Box come back with a great new video, “Kum Kum”, featuring Israeli-Yemenite trio A-WA.

“Kum Kum” appears on Balkan Beat Box’s most recent album, “Shout it Out”. During the last year, this Middle East / afro beat bomb – one of the most prominent songs on the album – has been crowned the official hit of the band. Now, it has also received an official clip directed by Rona Segal.

The two ensembles, Balkan Beat Box and A-WA, set onto a psychedelic urban journey. The clip comes out after the song was chosen to lead a huge international campaign of Motorola, which followed the interest in a song from a new audiences overseas.

Stream “Shout It Out” LP on Spotify.


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