To easily describe the sound achieved in their single “Años Atrás” (Years Ago), electronic dream-pop group Balún coined the term “dreambow”.

It makes perfect sense once your ears catch the tropical twist Balún has given to its more familiar dreamlike soundscapes, echoing the well-known “dembow” beat that was popularized in Puerto Rico a couple of decades ago by reggaeton.

The single is a taste of what we can expect from the band’s upcoming album, and also marks the first collaboration with new bandmates Raúl Reymundi (Las Ardillas, Suturee) and Shayna Dunkelman (Peptalk, Xiu Xiu, Glasser). The video, directed by Joel Pérez Irizarry, was shot entirely in Puerto Rico and it makes the concept of a night out on the island seem like a dream adventure.

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