Electronic dream-pop group Balún is back with is the first single off their long-awaited new album “Prisma Tropical”, which was successfully crowdfunded by 277 fans.

Ethnomusicologist and group member Noraliz Ruiz tells us “La Nueva Ciudad” (The New City) “follows the sound we like to call dreambow, which we had already explored in the song “Años Atrás”.

But it also includes other elements of traditional Puerto Rican music and instrumentation like the cuatro, tiple and barrel drum.

As part of the song’s premiere, Balún have also shared a very special B-side – a cover of Javiera Mena’s “Está En Tus Manos”.

The Chilean singer’s debut album, “Esquemas Juveniles”, turned ten in August and will be celebrated by our Colombian colleagues at El Amarillo, with a compilation of cover songs that will naturally feature Balún’s remake.


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