Bâlzan (بالزَن)

Bâlzan is an indie electro-rock duo formed by singer Amir Balafshan and Nima Ramezan as songwriter, composer and guitar player.

With his characteristic falsetto voice, Amir Balafshan is both a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Rasht. He has worked with an indie-rock band called Makhula from his city. He also has his own solo project called Davvar.

Nima Ramezan, meanwhile, is an experienced and creative electric guitar player and composer. He has worked as studio and live player with several singers and bands.

The result of collaboration of these two musicians, which started about a year ago, is the recently released debut called “Bâlzan”. “Booye Kohneye Mahtab” (Old Smell of the Moon), a single realeased few month ago, is the opening track of this album.


Bâlzan on Instagram, Spotify.

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