Multiple vocals, guitars, drums, double bass, violins, clarinet, even-changing rhythms, samba and math-rock… The debut album of the São Paulo-based collective NÃ offers an experience that feels more like a journey than just a music album.

This unique project brings together members of several other Brazilian bands, chiefly Gigante Animal and Projeto da Mata, and naturally – their diverse influences. If you pay attention to guitars, you’ll consider their first release, “Farpa”, a forward-thinking experimental rock record. If you focus on drums and atmosphere, African and Latin inspirations will stand out.

But the best idea is to stop thinking too much and let yourself flow with NÃ’s daredevil narrative. “Farpa” LP is available in its entirety here with its intense 51 minutes. And here’s a great starting point, a 3-minute single called “Xangô”. This is also the name of an African-Brazilian Orisha of justice, lightning and fire. The lyrics speak of someone who does not shy away from problems, and faces everything with head held high.


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