V/A – “Coke Studio Bangla”

Coke Studio Bangla songs brought together the entirety of commercial, pop, hip-hop, and folk music and, for the very first time, the very best indigenous Bangladeshi artists.

Under the supervision of Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, the over-the-top production, with the preamble of coca colonization happening simultaneously, the spirit and the essence stayed on top of the music produced for the show. It is undoubtedly the most eclectic, sonically inclusive, and fresh music that has come out of this country trying to capture the essence of popular Bangladeshi music in a remarkably diverse manner.

The OG Coke Studio started in Pakistan more than a decade back and has become the go-to hub for regular music listeners to hear new sounds en masse without having to dive deep to find gems. Ever since India, the Arab and African regions have successfully adopted the show, it has become a cultural phenomenon in these parts of the world. Coke Studio Bangla is a brand-new addition in 2022 for the Bangla-speaking world.

This year indie artists from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, have managed to get the grooves right. As Spotify became active in Bangladesh, it has allowed many young Bangladeshi independent artists to get a sizable audience. This trend is poised to grow further. My additional recommendation is these fresh new kids, all in the same playlist! My favorite picks from this bunch are Dameer, Farooque Bhai Project.

Enjoy the whole playlist here.

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