Barıs Demirel / Barıstık Mı

If you have a great desire to use the word “eclectic” in a sentence, here’s your chance: Barış Demirel, aka Barıştık Mı, creates a unique sound that is clearly influenced by a great variety of genres.

You can easily hear traditional Turkish modes (makam) or Middle Eastern melodies merged with more Western sounds, elements and genres.

Being a trumpeter himself, Barış Demirel puts his trumpet at the center of his music but offers a full and rich (mostly) instrumental band music. “Aşk Fezalarında Meşk Astronotu” is the second track in his album “T.E.A.R.” and it’s one of the songs that show this “eclectic” nature of his music.

Direct translation of the title is beyond my skills because “meşk” is a word that is filled with meanings but I can say that it includes an astronaut in “the heavens of love”.

You can hear “T.E.A.R.” in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Barış Demirel / Barıştık Mı on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

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