Bautista Viajando

An melancholic, guitar-filled album you will want to take on a night trip from Argentinian quartet Bautista Viajando.

Four guys from La Plata, Buenos Aires, make up Bautista Viajando, a band that recently published their sophomore album, “Las luces mueren bajo el punte”.

As the title suggests – “Las luces mueren bajo el punte” means “The lights die under the bridge” – in this new effort released via Dice Discos we can find ideal songs for highways and night trips, mixing melancholy, tolls and guitars.

We can see all that loneliness and the constant pursuit of love in the video for “Camino de vuelta”, one of the highlights of this album, which you can check out in its entirety here.

Stream “Las luces mueren bajo el puente” LP on Bandcamp.


Photo:  Matías Alemán

Bautista Viajando on YouTube, Bandcamp.

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