Electro-pop from New Zealand has never felt so effortless before.

2018 has been a great year for the producer and songwriter Baynk. In the summer/winter (depending on where you live), we’ve been keeping his fantastic single “Be In Love” on repeat, and it stil remains one of the best-produced songs of the year.

Then in October, we got to hear as impressive “Settle”, featuring acclaimed English singer Sinéad Harnett who gave us one of the smoothiest choruses of the recent months, also appearing in the video in the company of two other dancers.

Now just a couple of weeks later, Baynk offers us another collaboration, this time with Sydney-based electro-pop trio Glades, whose singer and guitarist Karina Wykes can be heard from the very first second of the song.

“Off Limits” might be Baynk’s boldest excursion into the radio pop territory, with a wonky beat, very direct vocal lines and less than 3 minutes on the clock. But with the two previous singles we’ve heard this year, it completes Baynk’s self-presentation of his stylistic range and how comfortable he feels behind the mixer, regardless who’s at the microphone at the moment.

If you’re an aspiring singer, you might think about getting a ticket to New Zealand right now – or meet him at one of the dozen shows he’s going to have in the US early next year.


Baynk on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Twitter.

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