Two conceptual artists, Ewelina Chiu and Daniel Vlček, originally created their musical project ba:zel only as a temporary audiovisual supplement to one of their exhibitions.

It took some time they realised something really unique was raising under their hands and they decided to transform ba:zel into a fully-fledged musical group. And they became one of the most anticipated and most talented newcomers of whole Czech scene.

These days, ba:zel have released their debut album “Eye draw(s) the line”, which was produced in Berlin, and a single “Pace” represents their unique sound the most comprehensively. The song oscillates in an ambivalent atmosphere of a suspense, shiver and fragile seductiveness, it brings a mood of a romantic horror, a compelling fear.

“Pace” combines a neoclassical music with decadent and gloomy electronics, its minimalistic piano preludium is suddenly shattered into disturbing sneaky distorted beats. A whispering and childly rustling voice of Ewelina concurrently burbles from a frosty tones and with its tenderness it contrasts with a disquieting melody. A deceiving fairy drags you into the dead of night.

We can consider ba:zel a postmodern audiovisual dialog. They connects two different worlds, two antipoles and glue them togehter into an heady, ritual unit.

Stream “eye draw(s) the line” LP in its entirety here.


Photo: Adam Holý

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