The first full-length album from Barcelona’s up-and-coming producer beGun, “AMMA” bring us twelve songs that combine rich textures, unhurried beats, and heavenly ambience.

It’s been three years since Gunsal H. Moreno published his first tracks and quickly caught attention of the electronic community. Soon multiple festival appeareances followed, as well as international collaborations and beGun’s own EPs inspired by the places he was visiting.

“AMMA” further reveals his fascination with the local. African melodies and percussions will immediately attract your attention, but as you go down the tracklist you might also come across themes reminiscent of Indian chants or beats that come from beGun’s own neighbourhood.

Accompanying the album is a film directed by beGun’s fellow Barcelonian Borja V Conde, which is being broadcast in parts. After a murky video for irresistible “Dora”, we recently got a clip for “YOKO”. While you can watch the former below, you should also check the version featuring Ela Minus, one of our favourite Colombian artists.

You can stream “AMMA” in its entirety here.


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