Alice On The Roof

Alice On The Roof put herself firmly on the Belgian map in 2015, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the start of a trip around the word.

When she participated in The Voice Belgique as Alice Dutoit in 2014, the then 19 year old got kicked out in the semifinals, which usually is a quick way to disappear and never come back into the picture.

Keep working hard and never give up is a good way to lead your life, though, and early 2015 Alice On The Roof released the “Easy Come Easy Go” EP, which became an instant success. Alice was invited to play at some of the best Belgian festivals, like Les Ardentes and Pukkelpop, and these shows resulted in a flood of brilliant reactions.

With this new single in the pocket and a show at Eurosonic 2016 coming up, this may in fact only be the beginning of a beautiful international story. It probably seems easy to have the world at your feet when you are on the roof, but this kind of marvelous songs will definitely help.

On January 14th, Alice On The Roof wil play at Eurosonic, one of Europe’s most leading showcase festivals. She won’t be the only Belgian artist to watch, though. Check the playlist below to find out which other acts you shouldn’t miss in Groningen.


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