Illuminine ft. Jan Swerts

Illuminine is rocketing towards the “Best of 2015” lists that will start appearing everywhere in just 7 or 8 weeks. Musically speaking though, one thing you wouldn’t expect from this band is that they’d do things at the speed of sound.

Illuminine, founded and led by Leuven-based Kevin Imbrechts, is making the mysteriously whispering kind of music you mostly expect to come from Iceland.

Never having messed with Jónsi’s boyfriend, we don’t know how jealous he is, even though we dare to think that “Melancholie” is a song of which even Sigur Rós’ lead singer would be proud.

This is the kind of magical moment where music, vocals, atmosphere, images and concept match perfectly well, creating something that goes far beyond the mere beauty of the average decent pop song.


Photo credit: Lore Viaene

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