Tijs Delbeke is sometimes called the hardest working man in the Belgian showbizz, and that’s not a lie. He’s been releasing records in English (with his band Sir Yes Sir) and in Dutch (with writer Bart Moeyaert).

He has also been participating in tv programmes (Soundtrack) and playing in or with other bands (dEUS, Dez Mona, Roosbeef). For his new record Tijs has chosen to transform into Nightman, and again he’s not really taking things easy. On the contrary, every song will get a video, and each one will be shot by a diferent director.

“Always (Except for Sometimes)” is chapter 2, and it offers an intriguing mix between danceable and introvert. Most of all the song reminds me of the early 1990s, when dEUS were releasing their first records, combining an arty sound with a catchy touch.

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