Tsar B

A few weeks ago, a brand new name appeared next to Oscar and the Wolf in the Amy Winehouse cover “Back to Black”. Who was Tsar B? The answer came quicker than we thought, with a first release called “Escalate”.

The single consists of some mysterious laidback eastern r&b beats. No wonder that this young lady is quoting M.I.A., FKA Twigs and Alladin among the artists and things that have inspired her.

Tsar B appears to be a girl with some experience, playing the violin for School Is Cool, a band that appeared on Beehype in the past, for example. Apart from this, she’s also very well surrounded by people from amongst others the world famous blog Disco Naïveté.

And most important: “Escalate” is a great song. If Tsar B continues on this track, this is going to be a household name soon, and not only in Belgium.

Tsar B on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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