Colombian-born, Costa Rica-based producer Suzi Love leads us thorough a popish journey where bubbles and sprinkles became one.

Bengalas, translated as “sparkler”, is the name Suzi Love chose as her synth-pop moniker, which surprisingly came out last year. Love, whose father pioneered Colombia’s young music radio, has always been exposed to different music genres but August last year she finally came up with a glued pop appearance on the web.

After attending to Laboratorio de DJs’ course on electronic production years ago, Suzi Love didn’t compose anything until last year when she won a contest which gave her the opportunity to master any song at the French studio La Villa Mastering.

Composing and experimentation on Ableton came. Also with Ernesto Bolaños’ (producer behind electronic duo Do Not) help, the idea for a new tunes went straight with him mixing, recording and co-producing Bengalas’ fist bomb: “Atormentada”.

“Atormentada”, Benagalas’ first single, opens with crisp beats, Suzi Love reminds us pop is not dead and will never die. After surrounding glimpses and well-structured percussions, it’s time for Suzi’s vocals to take control and sing about the constant theme of toxic relationships.

Same as a sparkler burning, Bengalas’ manufactured bubblegum-pop takes all the listener’s attention: whenever her music is playing we don’t want it to finish. Her brief and minimalist sound recalls joy, a valid excuse to light up flares and dance.


Bengalas on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook.

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