Benigno Lunar

Winter, mountains, fire – the landscape of Benigno Lunar’s comeback album isn’t a bright one.

After five years silence, Córdoba-based quartet Benigno Lunar is back with a new album named “Viendo cómo el fuego se alimenta“, which means “Watching how the fire grows” in Spanish.

“La posta” was one of the first singles published. The song starts with a piano and is full of details: in this process of growing up, the band finds a new way of talking about feelings, very far from their first recordings, which were more guitar/electropop oriented.

What the band has said about this new record – their first via Triple RRR label – is that they wanted to go into a darker place, and it does reveal a thorough studio work.

As we can see in the artwork, the universe of this new album comprises of winter, mountains and fire. What’s inside is the warmth of poetry.

Stream “Viendo cómo el fuego se alimenta” LP on Bandcamp.


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