Bernays Propaganda

Possibly Macedonia’s best export band, Skopje-based group Bernays Propaganda combine post punk inspirations with local flavor with great results.

What’s distinct about their overall sound is that the electronic beat and synths’ coldness is balanced by the warmth of Kristina Gorovska’s dreamy vocals (and to an extent guitars). And Macedonian lyrics certainly add to the uniqueness.

Their latest single, “Laži me, laži me”, which comes from their upcoming album “Politika” (out mid-March via Moonlee Records) is a great example of Bernays Propaganda’s charm.

However, be aware their “post punk” transforms into “noise punk” during their live shows – an obligatory thing if they ever play in your neighbourhood. This year they’ll be playing all around Europe promoting the new album.

And after all the successes abroad, it’s worth to mention they finally seem to be getting well-deserved attention in their homeland, as “Laži me, laži me” has been recently featured on Macedonian national television.

As for the name, they’ve borrowed it from Edward L. Bernays.


Bernays Propaganda on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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