Bernays Propaganda

Just three days after Bernays Propaganda released their new song, in a TV interview, the guitarist of the band – Vasko said that Bernays Propaganda won’t exist anymore.

Eleven years of Macedonian’s Bernays Propaganda. Their first concert was in 2007 as a local support for the concert of Girls Against Boys (Washington DC).

Through the years they haven’t changed the ideology of the band, but the interpretation of their thoughts, the sound, the members and the presentation evolved. If you compare their first and their last LP you’ll feel the difference. Socio-politically motivated crew from Skopje called Bernays Propaganda now creating danceable new wave sound.

Last month they presented a new song “Ništo Nema da ne’ Razdeli” (Nothing can ever separate us), which is a collaboration with Mike Watt on the bass guitar. Mike Watt is a legend of the American punk scene (Minuteman, The Stooges). The song will be found on the compilation “Songs From Under the Floorboard, Vol. 1”, which will be released on April 6 for Accident Prone Records and funds raised from the sale will be donated to the organization Planned Parenthood.

Mike Watt also recently worked with members of Bernays Propaganda on the project “Single Balkan – Pedro Four-Way” for Record Store Day 2017, along with Discipline Kitchme and Thee Melomen.

It’s said: “Art never comes from happiness”, so prepare for melancholy tunes and politically engaged dance!


Bernays Propaganda on Bandcamp, www.

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