Best Tracks of 2014
as selected by Ilia Temelkov


Milenita (Миленита)
“Na Selo” (На Село)

Milenita is well known for her ironic take on almost everything Bulgarian. With her track “Na Selo” (At the village), released in the middle of the summer, she’s playing with the Bulgarian tradition of summer vacations at our villages, “as far as possible from the city”. Here she’s leaving her jazz influences for vibes reminding American villages.

Milenita on YouTube, Facebook.



I just want to make it clear – I’m one of the few who don’t like Ostava. However, this song is mix of pure melancholy and ridiculously childish lyrics. Add the video to the mix and you’ll be absolutely confused by it. I may start liking Ostava after this.

Ostava on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Babyface Clan <BR>“You’re Not Wearing Your Tie”

Babyface Clan
“You’re Not Wearing Your Tie”

Just 5 seconds into any song from Babyface Clan’s first album in 13 years and third in their career, and you know they’re back. With all the irony, punk vibes and post-punk mood. However, the thing you’ll remember are Naso Ruskov’s symbolic vocals. And I guarantee you’ll be singing along on the second listen.

♪♫ Listen here

Babyface Clan on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook.


Preyah (Прея)
“Нюанси” (Nuances)

She’s just 20 years old and without a proper music education, but it’s the ray of light in Bulgaria’s mainstream pop scene. “Nuances” is her second single with the expected simple pop structure and not so expected pleasant lyrics, written with the help of LOGO5’s Ilia Grigorov. Guaranteed positive vibe by this still unpolished gem.

Preyah on Facebook.


“The Bond”

Four albums in their career smallman look and sound like they’ve grown to an amazingly high level. The Bond is a showcase of their mix of Bulgarian folklore, drowning distortion and rhythm section that can make your heart beat with it. Their music isn’t just something to play, it’s more like a ritual.

smallman on www, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.


“Мисля те”

Take something funky, add a bit of soul’s soul, pour jazzy feeling and mix with club beats. That’s how you’ll get Southwick’s vibe and energy. That’s their first track after the release of their debut record, “Ot plat i funk” (From Flesh and Funk), and hopefully not the last.

Southwick on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.


Ruth Koleva (Рут Колева)
“Tuk S Teb” (Тук С Теб)

One of Bulgaria’s finest artists will release an album in 2015. The first single off it, “Tuk S Teb” (Here With You), already presented on beehype, we heard in 2014 and it promises the same soulful vibes with a little new twist in her R&B influences. The record will be out on February 21st.

Ruth Koleva on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.


Ico Hazarta (Ицо Хазарта)
“Hip-Hop” (Хип-Хоп)

Ico Hazarta is the most important member of Bulgaria’s most recognised hip-hop band Upsurt, but that’s not the only reason for the great success of “Hip-Hop”, the song. It’s ironic take on the state of hip-hop music in Bulgaria, with a political twist including the words of an MP. Released in the midst of another political turmoil this was one of the most talked about tracks of the year.

Ico Hazarta on Facebook.

Expectations <BR>“Draw The Line”

“Draw The Line”

The sophomore release by Expectations “After Twenty Years” is hands down the best Bulgarian album of the last many years. “Draw The Line” has all the ingredients of the album – growingly harsh guitars, hardcore lyrics and overly emotional vocals. A must listen for everyone with an ear for something harder.

♪♫ Listen here

Expectations on Bandcamp, Facebook.


“Fake Fruits”

From one small club to a video with top models and song produced in a studio where Foo Fighters worked for just a few years. That’s what Jeremy? did with their track “Fake Fruits” we’ve been listening to live for more than a year now. It starts with dreamy piano intro that grows to nice soft indie rock with a little angst in it.

Jeremy? on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.