Best Quebecois Artists of 2014
Selected by Magali Bufferne from La Playlist Du Lundi


Philippe Brach

This young singersongwriter from Montréal has recently released an impressive album called “La foire et l’ordre” – and afterwards he’s been touring all accross Quebec.

Philippe Brach on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.


Motel Raphaël

Motel Raphaël is a young indie-pop band from Montreal whose first album is called “Cable TV”. The group consists of 20 years-old girls and yes, it’s the band to watch in 2015.

Motel Raphaël on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp.


Philémon Cimon

This artist is really inspired by videos and cinema. He gave concerts in various places like Quebec, Poland, france the US and Cuba. Cuba has been a real source for inspiration. In 2014 he published his album “L’été” (the summer).

Philémon Cimon on Bandcamp, Facebook, www.


Rod le Stod

This rapper isn’t scared to sing lyrics that deal with political issues. His success has been quick as he’s been noticed in 2012 and just two year later released his acclaimed first album “J’suis pas né pour un p’tit pain”.

Rod le Stod on www, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube.


Fanny Bloom

Fanny Bloom started as a member of the famous Quebecois band La Pathère Rose, which she left in 2011, but didn’t even think about giving up music – she played in the French music festival Les FrancoFolies de Montreal among other. Her second album, “Pan”, came out in 2014 and it includes the outstanding title “La Piscine” (The Swimming Pool”).

Fanny Bloom on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www.


Debbie Tebbs

Debbie Tebbs is a native of Montreal who produces and play her music – usually described as simply as Synth Pop. She’s been successful as she toured in different continents and her music often appears in commercials. In 2014 she released her 6th EP, “UP!”.

Debbie Tebbs on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud.


Hôtel Morphée

In 2014, Hôtel Morphée released their second album, “Rêve américain”. They deliver an energetic rock with a pinch of pop and violins that give to the songs an undeniable power.

Hôtel Morphée on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, www.



Fontarabie is a side project of Julien Mineau who is Malajube’s singer and guitarist. Fontarabie is a trip in a dreamy pop, a music that will heal your stress just like if you were lost in a Quebecois forest.

Fontarabie on Bandcamp, www.


Alexandre Désilets

Alexandre Désilets – presented earlier on beehype – was a nice suprise in 2014 with his expressive pop. His lyrics talk mainly about love but a dark and difficult one.

Alexandre Désilets on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Pierre Kwenders

Pierre Kwenders released the most impressive album in Québec in 2014. This Quebecois artist from Congo produces a very rich music where he mixes Afro beats with electro and folk. Don’t wait too much to discover his latest EP out in 2014, “Le dernier Empereur Bantou”.

Pierre Kwenders on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.