Best Albums of 2014
as selected by Marcelo Millavil M.

Condor Jet <BR>“Sin Lugar”

Condor Jet
“Sin Lugar”

On their sophomore album, “Sin Lugar”, the trio of Antonio Del Favero (guitars & vocals), Nicole L’Huillier (drums & vocals) and Tomás Vidal (synths and also vocals) continue to deliver atmospheric music on the verge of dream-pop, shoegaze, and indie-rock.

With rich textures, ethereal melodies, and intimate male-female vocal harmonies, on “Sin Lugar” (“No Country”) they created a worthy successor of their debut.

♪♫ Listen: “Supermantra” + album stream

Condor Jet on Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

Intimate Stranger <BR>“Conversación Imaginaria”

Intimate Stranger
“Conversación Imaginaria”

A fourth album by a longstanding band. Intimate Stranger was formed back in 2007 in London by a Chilean guitarist, Lautaro Vera, and Anglo-Croatian singer, Tessie Spoljaric-Woodgate.

On “Conversación Imaginaria”, they are accompanied by Filip Crisis on bass and Andres Ugarte on drums. Their music draws on elements of post-punk, but at the same time it’s melodic and airy.

♪♫ Listen: “Imaginary Conversation #1” + album stream

Intimate Stranger on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter,

MKRNI <BR>“Canciones”


Santiago-based trio MKRNI started as a reincarnation of 80’s pop best bands. On their third album, they clearly remain in love with the decade, though the feeling has somehow matured – “Canciones” is more sentimental than euphoric.

As much as Elisita Punto, Seba Roman and Marcelo Miopec tend not to favor any of their inspirations (“synth pop” is the most precise label you can get), they also appreciate balanced sound, smoothly integrating restrained vocals into the whole synthetic mix.

♪♫ Listen: “Inercia” + album stream

MKRNI on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.

Martín Pescador <BR>“Un Fulgor”

Martín Pescador
“Un Fulgor”

Martín Pescador is a solo project of Ariel Acosta, a singer-songwriter from Santiago de Chile. In 2014, he released his second album, “Un Fulgor”, growing as a composer and performer.

Stylistically, the record is in line with what characterises Martín’s previous work: melancholic lyrics accompanied by atmospheric folk music with soothing melodies and delicate sound.

♪♫ Listen: “Yo Fui el Mar” + album stream

Martín Pescador on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook , Tumblr.

Jota Lobo <BR>“Jota lobo” EP

Jota Lobo
“Jota lobo” EP

They call it psychedelic pop, but it’s so much more. On Jota Lobo’s self-titled debut EP, you can hear a myriad of influences, ranging from indie-rock to mambo and dub, all combined into one dizzying whole.

Don’t try to comprehend, just listen and enjoy the vibes from the Santiago-based banda de rock psicodélico bailable, and hopefully they soon deliver us more of their dizziness.

♪♫ Listen: “Todos Los Puentes” + album stream

Jota Lobo on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Tunacola <BR>“Todos los veranos del mundo”

“Todos los veranos del mundo”

Released at the very end of 2014, Tunacola’s new album “Todos los veranos del mundo” shows the band clearly evolving. Yet it maintains their trademark sound and, especially, the atmosphere of eponymous summers.

What’s certainly improved since their 2011 self-titled debut album are their sonic competencies. Just check out the single “Danky”, which blends synthesizers with brass section into orchestral grandiosity. Fortunately, their high-spirited jauntiness is still there.

♪♫ Listen: “Danky

Tunacola on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Sahara Inn <BR>“Sahara Inn” EP

Sahara Inn
“Sahara Inn” EP

Formed in Santiago by brothers Paulo and Camilo Ruiz on guitars and vocals respectively, the group Sahara Inn has quickly been recognized as one of the most promising newcomers in the Chilean/Latin scene.

In 2014, they released their self-titled debut EP, forerun by a vibrant lead single, “Ambar” (“Amber”). Combining Latin rhythms and synth-pop, Sahara Inn’s music comprises a highly energetic and danceable mixture.

♪♫ Listen: “Ambar” + album stream

Sahara Inn on www, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

El gato, la virgen y el diablo <BR>“Beta” EP

El gato, la virgen y el diablo
“Beta” EP

This Chilean band seeks innovative sounds through the use of various instruments, sound effects, and practices usually employed by noise artists.

Last year El Gato, la Virgen y el Diablo debuted their first EP “Beta”, an album that includes influences from Thom Yorke (and his album “The Eraser”), Depeche Mode (“Music for the Masses”) and Jonny Greenwood’s solo works.

♪♫ Listen: “Piletu” + album stream

Beta on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

Jazmín <BR>“Cuento”


For her second album recorded in Chile and Argentina the young singer-songwriter Jazmín Gómez invited a number of acclaimed musicians including Javier Barría (No. 6 on this list), Felipe Grandón, Daniel Cantillana, and Felicia Morales.

Though their presence brings different characters into Jazmín’s “Cuento” (“Story”), her songs are colourful enough to perform them solo with just an acoustic guitar. Hopefully, she soon brings it with her to a music club near you.

♪♫ Listen: “La luna no baja” ft. Javier Barría + album stream

Jazmín on www, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook.

The Red Belmot <BR>“The Red Belmont” EP

The Red Belmot
“The Red Belmont” EP

“The Red Belmont” is the debut EP from the Santiago based group consisting of Leonardo Caceres on guitar and vocals, Felipe Caceres on bass, and Joaquin Margulis on drums and vocals.

It features five songs full of melodic psychedelic rock with fuzzed guitars and trippy, reverb-filled atmosphere. Wherever they go from here, it’s certainly worth their musical path.

♪♫ Listen: “Blue Trip” + album stream

The Red Belmot on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Angelo Pierattini <BR>“Baila dios”

Angelo Pierattini
“Baila dios”

Angelo Pierattini is a vocalist and guitarist best known from the seasoned Chilean rock band Weichafe, which he used to front.

“Baila Dios” is already his fifth album in a successful solo career. As expected, it delivers a consistent set of melodic, guitar driven songs that should appeal to any fan of the genre.

♪♫ Listen: “Ella y Yo” (ft. Alain Johannes)

Angelo Pierattini on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

Bernardita <BR>“Bernardita”


Singer-songwriter Bernardita Martínez is known in Chile mainly as a bass player in rock oriented bands, Guiso and Los Lentos. However, in 2014 she surprised everyone with her first self-titled solo album.

A beautiful collection of elegant indie-pop songs, “Bernardita” might be reminiscent of the very best Latin songwriters as long as you don’t try to pick particular names. With records like this, Bernardita might soon become one of them very soon.

♪♫ Listen: “Cambié los ojos

Bernardita on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook,

Fakuta <BR>“Tormenta Solar”

“Tormenta Solar”

After the much-praised 2011 debut “Al Vuelo”, Pamela Sepúlveda aka Fakuta collaborated with a number of artists (Kinética, Uvilov), but apparently preferred to take her time to work out the next step in her own career.

With “Tormenta Solar” (Solar Storm), she becomes all but the queen of the Chilean electro pop, at least of its brighter kind. A queen in a great company, as the ten songs – though composed solely by her – feature Violeta Castillo, Coiffeur, Cristóbal Briceño and Bronko Yotte.

♪♫ Listen: “Tormenta Solar” + album stream

Fakuta on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Felicia Morales <BR>“Agosto”

Felicia Morales

Felicia Morales is a Concepción-based cellist and composer, a very unique one. On her quiet yet impressive first album, “Agosto”, she also plays piano and – on a couple of songs – is accompanied by Manuel Jimenez on harp.

The album, clocking in at barely 25 minutes, features ten short instrumental pieces of intimate, warm, and slightly melancholic ambience. Sit, listen, and keep the repeat button on.

♪♫ Listen: “4 De Agosto” + album stream

Felicia Morales on Twitter, Facebook.

Fernando Milagros <BR>“Nuevo Sol”

Fernando Milagros
“Nuevo Sol”

On his fourth album “Nuevo Sol”, the Santiago-based singer-songwriter Fernando Milagros comes back to his home and tries to face the truth he’s been running from – urging you to do the same.

Produced by Cristián Heyne (Javiera Mena, Gepe, Nicole), the follow up to Milagros’ previous LP “San Sebastián” is his big step into pop. But one can only hope radio stations put songs like “La Playa” or “Puzzle” into their playlists.

♪♫ Listen: “La Playa

Fernando Milagros on www, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud.

Arranquemos del Invierno <BR>“Ancestros”

Arranquemos del Invierno

With his solo project Arranquemos del Invierno, Pablo Álvarez – the singer of Niño Cohete – explores acoustic folk which is more intimate and melancholic than what he does with the band.

He debuted with his first EP in 2013, and last year released his first LP, “Ancestros”. It was recorded in different parts of Chile during a journey he made from north to south of the country in a van, which he turned into a mobile recording – and his bedroom.

♪♫ Listen: “Tu en las montañas y yo en el mar” + album stream

Arranquemos del Invierno on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo.

Javier Barría <BR>“Folclor”

Javier Barría

Over the last decade, Chilean cantautor Javier Barría has been releasing a new record about every year. But with the latest one, “Folclor”, it took him almost two years and two countries (Chile and Argentina) to record and master the album.

It resulted in a collection of songs varying in their approach towards songwriting traditions local and global, old and new, into something Javier himself calls “after pop”.

♪♫ Listen: “El Día En Que Dejaste De Quererme” + album stream

Javier Barría on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.

Protistas <BR>“Nefertiti”


For the independent Chilean record label Quemasucabeza, 2014 was a spectacular year with new releases from Ases Falsos, Fakuta, Diosque, Fernando Milagros and more.

Santiago-based band Protistas have only made this list (and year) even more impressive with their third album, “Nefertiti”. Full of ear-worm hooks, it somehow preserved the quartet’s indie atmosphere. If the last year was huge for their label, “En mis genes” might be the song we’ll remember 2014 for.

♪♫ Listen: “En mis genes” + album stream

Protistas on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Prehistóricos <BR>“Nuestro día vendrá”

“Nuestro día vendrá”

After releasing their debut album in 2010 followed by an EP a year later, Prehistóricos established themselves at the forefront of new Chilean indie-pop. After three years, they return with their third release, “Nuestro día vendrá” (“Our day has come”).

With distinctive cinematic sound, shifting between intimate and truly majestic, Thomas Preuss and Jessica Romo firmly reassert their position as one of the most interesting bands in the country.

♪♫ Listen: “Presentimiento

Prehistóricos on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Ases Falsos <BR>“Conducción”

Ases Falsos

On Ases Falsos’ sophomore release a hit song follows a hit song. All fourteen of them are based on incredibly catchy melodies, with brilliantly balanced arrangements and emotional delivery.

Cristóbal Briceño is an excellent crooner with a kind of timeless appeal, but all the band members give it their best. Which makes listening to “Conducción” a truly fulfilling experience.

♪♫ Listen: “Simetría” + album stream

Ases Falsos on www, Facebook, Twitter and beehype.

Natisú <BR>“La Historia”

“La Historia”

Natisú is a singer-songwriter from Santiago with an amazing voice and idiosyncratic style. Ten songs that make up “La Historia” are full of unexpected twists and turns, but without losing any of the melodic qualities.

Consise and colourful, Natisú’s second full-length album feels like an adventurous, breathtaking ride through a soundscape that is uniquely her own.

♪♫ Listen: “Mañana” + album stream

Natisú on www, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook and beehype.

Ana Tijoux <BR>“Vengo”

Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux is growing as an artist with every new release. On her latest album, she combines her signature hip-hop sound with elements of Andean music and catchy song structures, resulting in her most accomplished album to date.

From album’s title song, questioning our Latinamerican identity, to “Somos Sur” recorded with British-Palestinian rapper Shadia Mansour by her side, “Vengo” is also her most loaded effort yet, and one of the most important releases of 2014 not only within the continent.

♪♫ Listen: “Somos Sur” & “Todo Lo Sólido Se Desvanece En El Aire

Ana Tijoux on Twitter, Facebook and beehype.