Best Albums of 2014
as selected by Peter Krogholm

Astrid Swan <BR>Astrid4

Astrid Swan

On this album Astrid Swan abandonded rock ‘n roll stylings for a more soulful expression, and her characteristic experimentation for a more minimal and straightforward musical backdrop dominated by piano, horns and drums. The result is her best work yet.

♪♫ Listen: “Four Months To Kill

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Black Twig <BR>“Heliogram”

Black Twig

If you’re into 1960s psychedelic pop and the repetitive joy of krautrock, there’s no good reason you shouldn’t check out Black Twig’s second full length, “Heliogram”.

♪♫ Listen: “Summer Slow Down

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Delay Trees <BR>“Readymade”

Delay Trees

Delay Trees’ third full-length album “Readymade” is their best so far, striking gold in the middle of krautrock repetition, post-rock grandeur and indiepop sensibility. Meet Delay Trees.

♪♫ Listen: “Perfect Heartache

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Nancy <BR>“Seas Surrounding”

“Seas Surrounding”

Grandiose rock with intensified use of electronics and the knobs more than once tweaked to “industrial” is the essence of Nancy’s great second album, “Seas Surrounding”.

♪♫ Listen: “Moonchild

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Siinai <BR>“Supermarket”


Claiming a supermarket as inspiration for anything more than a spontaneous killing spree is a courageous move, but somehow Finnish prog-rock quartet Siinai pull it off on their excellent second album.

♪♫ Listen: “Shopping Trance” + album stream

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Sin Cos Tan <BR>“Blown Away”

Sin Cos Tan
“Blown Away”

A concept album telling the story of the 52 year old Michael Burana, who leaves a failed marriage and a dead-end job behind for a career as a drug courier between South America and the United States synthpop duo Sin Cos Tan’s third album is a pretty remarkable experience.

♪♫ Listen: “Love Sees No Colour

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