Best Albums of 2014
as selected by Ares Buras

Film <BR>“Eclipse”


New album of the Athenian band Film is a seamless blend of electronic music and rock, recalling the dark days of the 80’s, Vangelis Papathanassiou and synth pop. After a long period of absence – and trying to find their own way after the departure of the singer Etten – the rest of the band started using robo-vocals with vocoders, producing a fine result. And what a wonderful allegorical dystopia on the front cover!

♪♫ Listen: “Ping Pong With Angels

Film on www, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter. Label: Inner-Ear

The Man From Managra <BR>“The Man From Managra”

The Man From Managra
“The Man From Managra”

Coti K is one of the most important composers, sound engineers and producers in Greece, with countless collaborations over the last two decades. Maybe he grabbed the name of his new solo project from Managra island, but he recorded the whole album in the Aegean sea and Tinos island. Basically – just with his own voice and his electric bass. Low-tempo electronica, sound effects, urban blues’ stories – “The Man From Managra” is the album I was listening to in 2014 next to Eno & Karl Hyde’s “High Life”.

♪♫ Listen: “A promise

The Man From Managra on www, Facebook. Label: onefingermusic

Babis Papadopoulos <BR>“Joy In Pain, Pain In Joy”

Babis Papadopoulos
“Joy In Pain, Pain In Joy”

Legendary figure from Thessaloniki and guitar player of the famous 90’s rock band Trypes, Babis Papadopoulos has recorded a brilliant instrumental album filled with guitars, bouzouki and strings. Eleven colorful and cinematic compositions, an enjoyable journey through the Mediterranean sea and the folkish sounds from Greece.

♪♫ Listen: “Άνοιξη

Babis Papadopoulos on Facebook, YouTube. Label: Puzzlemusik

Electric Litany <BR>“Enduring Days You Will Overcome”

Electric Litany
“Enduring Days You Will Overcome”

Electric Litany is one of those bands I avoid to listen every day. Emotionally strong, it’s difficult not to start wiping your tears from your eyes. Their second album, “Enduring Days You Will Overcome”, was produced by Alan Parsons and it reconfirms them as one of the most political bands from Greece (they are currently based in London) influenced by anything from Byzantine and Greek music to post rock and gothic of the 80’s.

♪♫ Listen: “Feather of Ecstasy

Electric Litany on www, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Label: Inner-Ear

Matteus <BR>“Sub_”


“Everything started with a trip to Poland, where I was recording sounds with my iPhone. Half of the album was recorded using merely my iPhone and mixed by myself in my apartment in Athens”. Matteus’ album is a tiny, beautiful assembly of sounds, loops, melodies and wonderful images. You will recall Cocorosie, múm and Tori Amos among others, but his unique songs will leave you fully satisfied.

♪♫ Listen: “Welcome

Matteus on Bandcamp, Facebook. Label: self-released

Sillyboy <BR>“Stalker”


Sillyboy is one of the Greek artists that we presented a few months ago on beehype. A young crooner who lives over a railway in Athens’ suburbs, his third album “Stalker” realeased on Klik label is probably his best to date. An outstanding pop-oriented electro record, somewhere at the crossroad of 70’s glam rock, 80’s dance, soft rock and modern beats.

♪♫ Listen: “Do It Again

Sillyboy on www, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp. Label: Klik

Absent Without Leave <BR>“Faded Photographs Remixes”

Absent Without Leave
“Faded Photographs Remixes”

Although “Faded Photographs Remixes” was released in the last days of 2013, let me encapsulate it among 2014 releases. Absent Without Leave is the solo project of George Mastrokostas, and his album “Faded Photographs” was released in 2010. Three years later, an all-star lo-fi team came and re-arrange Mastrokostas’ recordings into 28 remixes. A double album with Dalot, Sun Glitters, Aerosol, Elika, Arc Lab, Crisopa, Midas Fall – to name a few artists – offered this wonderful collection. Great atmosphere, dreamy electronica, ethereal shoegaze.

♪♫ Listen: “Balloons In The Sky” (Arc Lab Remix) and “How The Winter Comes” (Elika Remix)

Absent Without Leave on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp. Label: Sound In Silence

Mohammad <BR>“Zo Rèl Do”

“Zo Rèl Do”

Mohammad are not easy to follow, that’s for sure. But if you finally get into their scary dark world there is no turning back. The band is made up of Coti K, Nikos Veliotis and ILIOS, and with their fourth album they are exploring the sound of geographical area between 34°Ν-42°Ν and 19°Ε-29°Ε, somewhere between Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

“Zo Rèl Do” is the first volume of a trilogy, with “Lamnè Gastama” coming later in 2014 and the third volume to be released in 2015. Inspired by Greek traditional music, and using contrabass, cello and oscillators, Mohammad weave long instrumental compositions as if they were going to devour you. Monolithic, drone, doom, religious? Oh, what the hell, this music is unique.

♪♫ Listen: “Samarina

Mohammad on www, Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube. Label: Antifrost

Baby Guru <BR>“Marginalia”

Baby Guru

Maybe the most exciting rock band in Greece nowadays, Baby Guru released their third album “Marginalia” in March. A magical mystery tour through 60’s pop music, garage, kraut rock and psychedelia. With influences as diverse as Greek tradition, African rhythms and German proto-electronica, I’ m sure their future will be even brighter. Try not to miss them if they stop for a live gig at a theater near you.

♪♫ Listen: “Behaviour

Baby Guru on www, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Tumblr. Label: Inner Ear

Xylouris White <BR>“Goats”

Xylouris White

Coming from the mountains of Crete, lute player George Xylouris is a member of the famous music family of Xylouris and son of the legendary lyra player Psarantonis. He’s one of the most-loved artists on the island and recognized all over the world both by ethnomusicologist and musicians such as Nick Cave. Jim White, on the other hand, is one of New York’s best virtuoso drummers and member of the famous Australian rock trio Dirty Three.

Xylouris and White’s collaboration resulted in their new critically acclaimed album, “Goats”, produced by Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto. Although released just a few weeks ago, it has already reached ears of music listeners worldwide. The duo are currently touring the globe sharing with listeners their mix of traditional Cretan music, post punk, jazz, folk – you can even throw their track at a techno party and blow the club away.

♪♫ Listen: “Chicken Song

Xylouris White on www, Facebook. Label: Other Music