Best Tracks of 2014
as selected by Jort Laagland


“Modes Of Transport”

If you love deep voices like Interpol or The National you should definately check out this fresh trio from Utrecht.

The intruiging “Modes Of Transport” was the lead single of their debut EP and is probably their best work to date.

Stillwave on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.


Ode To The Quiet

Ode To The Quiet is what one could call a super group. Members of several famous and infamous bands of the Utrecht underground scene came together to record song as OTTQ. Hypnotising indie pop with cold piano chords and lingering synths, “Ghost” is the highlight of Ode To The Quiet’s self-titled debut.

Ode To The Quiet on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo.


“2 Faced”

Hague-based Torus is not only famous for his insanely crazy DJ sets, but his own productions are quite impressive as well. His recent single “2 Faced” is a clever mix of electronics, house and hip-hop.

Torus on www, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.


Tears & Marble
“We Don’t Like You”

Tears & Marble are a promising boy girl duo from The Hague. They debuted in 2013 with a stunning cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love”, but their 2014 single “We Don’t Like You” is equally great.

Soothing electronics and dreamy vocals almost make you forget Tears & Marble are lyrically sending out a serious message here.

Tears & Marble on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.


Yuko Yuko
“When I Cry, I Smile”

Yuko Yuko is the alter ego of Elias. He released his latest EP on casette and records music videos in VHS style.

His latest single, “When I Cry, I Smile”, is a perfect slice of lo-fi indie pop. Not to be missed by fans of Mac DeMarco or Only Real.

Yuko Yuko on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Tumblr.



Lemontrip’s “Away” is quite an aggresive slowburner that will lure you into the dark niches of Amsterdams current techno scene.

Make sure to check his equally mesmerizing debut album “Hollow” as well.

Lemontrip on www, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook.


Lo Sé

We don’t have a clue who this producer is, but his debut single Fantasma – released on Cascine’s daughter label CSCN – is electronic perfectness.

Dreamy synthesizers and hazy vocals – we can’t wait to get to know Lo Sé a little better in the coming months.

Lo Sé on Soundcloud and beehype.


Nouveau Velo
“Turning Away”

Somewhere between the sweet melodies of The Smiths and the dreamy guitars of Real Estate site Nouveau Velo. In 2014, they served up their eagerly awaited debut record, and “Turning Away” is an instant classic.

Nouveau Vélo on YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook.


“Safe Ground”

Believe it or not but the Amsterdam-born BEA, Beatriz in real life, was in training to become a circus artist. Luckily, she’s decided to change her career plans and started recording music.

Her second single, “Safe Ground”, is a mesmerizing piece of indie pop, combining sultry electronics and a hypnotising chorus. BEA will release her debut record early this year and we can’t wait for it to be released.

Bea on www, Soundcloud and beehype.



Sväva is a newly formed quartet that rose from the remote Dutch state Frisia. We do a hear a hint of the stretched out landscapes of Frisia in their hypnotising dreampop.

The band released their first EP “We Have Just The Life That We Want” earlier in 2014, and Flown is probably the standout track.

Sväva on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, FacebookTwitter and beehype.