Best Albums of 2014
as selected by Alice Berntsen

Bloody Beach <BR>“Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents”

Bloody Beach
“Bloody Beach Pirate Radio Presents”

Warm rock blending afro beat, psychedelia, punk, pop and more – or as the band defines it: “tropidelica”. Awaited since Bloody Beach released two catchy singles in 2011 (“Quembo Que” and “Gonzo Blues”), this debut album finally got out in 2014 to please all from kids dancing on the beach to retired hippies or tattooed rocker-truckers. Attractively chaotic and colourful.

♪♫ Listen: “Lovechild

Bloody Beach on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, www.

Emilie Nicolas <BR>“Like I’m A Warrior”

Emilie Nicolas
“Like I’m A Warrior”

The album offers dark electro-pop with powerful melodies and an as strong voice, making each song a duel resulting in a well-built unity. ”Like I’m A Warrior”, as a first album, ranked Emilie Nicolas high on the list of the Norwegian artists of 2014.

♪♫ Listen: “Grown Up

Emilie Nicolas on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

Highasakite <BR>“Silent Treatment”

“Silent Treatment”

Acclaimed by the press and their audience in numerous festivals, Highasakite presented adventurous pop music with ”Silent Treatment”. Out early February, it never ceased to gain interest, reached international listeners and became one of Norway’s most streamed album of 2014.

♪♫ Listen: “Leaving No Traces

Highasakite on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, www.

Kaja Gunnufsen <BR>“Faen Kaja”

Kaja Gunnufsen
“Faen Kaja”

“Faen Kaja” offers dreamy folk-pop melodies paired with a pleasingly ingenuous tone of voice. Kaja Gunnufsen’s lyrics are outspoken and mainly expose a young woman’s inner thoughts about love, loneliness, emptiness… Nonetheless, the album blends light and melancholic melodies with danceable ones.

♪♫ Listen: “Faen Ta

Kaja Gunnufsen on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, www – and beehype.

Sondre Lerche <BR>“Please”

Sondre Lerche

There is a special harmony to the seventh studio album of the Norwegian singer-songwriter, which was recorded after he split up with his wife. The sounds, rythms and lyrics deliver a complex but beautiful mix of emotions. Neither dark nor cheerful, “Please” succeeds in expressing Sondre Lerche’s artistical personality and musical universe.

♪♫ Listen: “Sentimentalist

Sondre Lerche on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, www, YouTube.

Spidergawd <BR>“Spidergawd”


The new band Spidergawd is composed of well-experienced musicians (Motorpsycho and Cadillac). Serving an energic ’70 influenced heavy rock with some psychedelic aspects, the band’s first album sounds nonetheless clearly as a real new production. Chemistry between guitar riffs and bass, enchanting saxophone, drumrolls, heavy vocals, that’s what you get.

♪♫ Listen: “Into Tomorrow

Spidergawd on Facebook, www.

The Low Frequency In Stereo <BR>“Live At Moldejazz”

The Low Frequency In Stereo
“Live At Moldejazz”

Recorded in 2009, this live album finally came out in 2014. The experimental music of The Low Frequency In Stereo merges perfectly with the jazzy saxophone of Kjetil Møster. Watch out! Listening to it might carry you far far away…

♪♫ Listen: “Elements

The Low Frequency In Stereo on Facebook, MySpace.

Thea Hjelmeland <BR>“Solar Plexus”

Thea Hjelmeland
“Solar Plexus”

Talented musician and singer-songwriter, Thea Hjelmeland released this year a piece of folk-pop jewellery. Even if the lyrics question life and death, the melodies lovingly support the text making the songs light and soft to the ear.

♪♫ Listen: “Feathery

Thea Hjelmeland on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

Todd Terje <BR>“It’s Album Time”

Todd Terje
“It’s Album Time”

Well known for his international hit “Inspector Norse“, Todd Terje released in 2014 a playful album tinted with a summertime atmosphere. The Norwegian nu-disco DJ even invites Bryan Ferry to sing on a version of “Johnny And Mary”. Over an hour of dancing, that’s what “It’s Album Time” is about!

♪♫ Listen: “Delorean Dynamite

Todd Terje on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Torgeir Waldemar <BR>“Torgeir Waldemar”

Torgeir Waldemar
“Torgeir Waldemar”

The debut album of Torgeir Waldemar was recorded in a church even though its listener may most probably imagine something like a ”bluesy landscape” of the United States. One of 2014 suprises in terms of Americana music.

♪♫ Listen: “Streets” on Deezer & Spotify

Torgeir Waldemar on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook.