Best Albums of 2014
as selected by Zahra Salahuddin

Ali Suhail <BR>“Journal Entries”

Ali Suhail
“Journal Entries”

I’ve spoken about this album before, but I felt the urge to mention this album again because personally, I’m astounded that people didn’t receive the album the way they did the first one from Ali Suhail.

The darker themes explored on “Journal Entries” are amazing and so liberating in a way, it’s definitely worth adding to your having-a-bad-day playlist.

♪♫ Listen here

Ali Suhail on Soundcloud,, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Dynoman <BR>“Travels to Janaicah: <BR>Cheebay’s Imagination”

“Travels to Janaicah:
Cheebay’s Imagination”

Dynoman is one of the most notable producers from Karachi’s electronic scene. I was surprised this album was released in 2014 and not earlier, considering his musical contributions to the indie collective he and a friend founded known as Forever South.

“Travels to Janaicah: Cheebay’s Imagination” is part one of a four-part concept album and it’s about Cheebay who is lost in the world of his imagination.

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Dynoman on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Flaw <BR>“Forgotten and Lost”

“Forgotten and Lost”

Just the fact that this EP is a Pakistani/Russian collaboration caught my attention. And I’m glad it did as I got lost in the ambient, dreamy atmospheric music that made me proud of the fact that it’s a part of Lahore’s underground scene.

It’s about time melodic goth-metal came out of Pakistan rather than people here just obsessing over how amazing Anathema and Nightwish are.

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Flaw on Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud.

Janoobi Khargosh <BR>“Billi Khamba aur urantashtari”

Janoobi Khargosh
“Billi Khamba aur urantashtari”

This album has turned out to be one of the very few albums from Karachi to go viral almost overnight.

Written and produced by Waleed Ahmed, this psychedelic indie album is one of the few reasons why us music enthusiasts from Pakistan still have hope despite the gloomy times we live in.

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Janoobi Khargosh on Soundcloud, Facebook.

Lower Sindh! Swing Orchestra <BR>“Juvenilia”

Lower Sindh! Swing Orchestra

Here’s another four-EP which is a must listen! This experimental indie record is all the reasons why Pakistani music should not be dismissed on mere face value presented by the mainstream scene.

Brilliant would be an understatement when it comes to “Juvenilia”. And after hearing the songs I’m left wishing it was a full album with a B-side.

♪♫ Listen here

Lower Sindh! Swing Orchestra on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.

Nawksh <BR>“The Villain’s Grin”

“The Villain’s Grin”

This EP is so great, it’s only available for download. No hoopla about streaming songs, just download it directly and imagine the music is like one mega theme-song for your imaginary life.

I’m not even sure how to describe these songs in words, because music speaks so much more than mere words can, and “The Villain’s Grin” is one of the few to have come out in 2014 that put me at a loss for words. I really wish to see Nawksh going places in the future.

♪♫ Download here

Nawksh on Tumblr, Soundcloud, Twitter.

Noah’s Heark <BR>“Little Tree”

Noah’s Heark
“Little Tree”

Noah’s Heark is a project by a US-based Pakistani musician whose various musical endeavors I have been following since a few years now. This 5-track experimental EP is like a dream, and it’s one of my most favourite projects by this producer.

You know when people tell you that a certain piece of music takes you to another world? And you dismiss it as mere rhetoric? Well trust me when I say “Little Tree” will take you to another world and leave you feeling like you don’t want to go back to the real world, ever.

♪♫ Listen here

Noah’s Heark on Soundcloud, Twitter.

Shajie <BR>“Aaram Karein”

“Aaram Karein”

What do I say about this guy? Half of Karachi is crazy about him. I would like to be daring and say that Shajie is perhaps the face of Karachi’s indie scene. You know you have succeeded when everyone in the crowd can sing along to one of your singles, and that’s what most Shajie gigs are like.

His first album “Aaram Karein” is a two-part EP with four uplifting songs that are perfect for a walk in the park on a nice sunny day and just smile. If you feel like you could really use a smile, these are the songs you should listen to, you’d feel it spread across your face. Fun Fact: This album was produced by the guy behind Janoobi Khargosh.

♪♫ Listen Part 1 & Part 2

Shajie on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Slowspin <BR>“Biome”


Slowspin is perhaps the only female producer from Karachi’s indie electronic scene and this album is my all-time personal favourite from 2014. This beautiful album represents experiences in her life and the vibes she felt from people around her.

The first time I heard “Biome”, it ended up being the first five times I heard “Biome”, because that is how powerful the impact of this album was and I’m greatly looking forward to Slowspin’s upcoming projects. Fun fact: this album was produced by Nawksh.

♪♫ Listen here

Slowspin on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Vimeo.

Zia Zaidi <BR>“Dead City Dreamer”

Zia Zaidi
“Dead City Dreamer”

This acoustic/rock album is like BGM (background music) for anybody living in this maddening city, Karachi. The lyrics in some of the songs perfectly sum up what it’s like to live here, for people who grew up in this city and have a love-hate relationship with life here.

All songs on Dead City Dreamer” were written and composed by Zaidi himself and you can slightly feel nostalgia in his words. His vocal style has a striking resemblance to Bob Dylan, which is perhaps why I’m so fond of this album. Fun Fact: the album was produced by Ali Suhail.

♪♫ Listen here

Zia Zaidi on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.