Best Tracks of 2014
as selected by José Luis Mercado

Alejandro y María Laura <BR>“Folclorcito”

Alejandro y María Laura

One of the best songs from Alejandro y María Laura’s last album, “Fiesta para los muertos”. Developing slowly, but covered with Maria Laura’s voice, it’s a delight to ears.

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Animal Chuki <BR>“Capicúa”

Animal Chuki

The revenge of digital cumbia. Peru was the main source of its South American boom, but until some time ago there weren’t too many local acts performing in that genre. Animal Chuki is changing it.

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Camilo Vega <BR>“INJUS”

Camilo Vega

The closing track on Camilo Vega’s precious album, “No hay marcha a atrás”, might remind you of a song by Rubén Blades called “CBGB”. With “INJUS”, Vega becomes spokesman against the injustices that happen every day in our country.

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Cristina Valentina <BR>“Happy state of mind”

Cristina Valentina
“Happy state of mind”

Singing in English with a voice of varying intensity, Cristina Leguía gradually becomes the most renowned Peruvian act. “Happy State of Mind” is an example of how enjoyable her jazz-influenced singing can be.

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Cumbia All Stars <BR>“Lobos al escape”

Cumbia All Stars
“Lobos al escape”

Old musicians who were part of the outset of Peruvian cumbia are safe and sound. They’re ready to show us how to play the classic cumbia tunes in a modern way.

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Deltatron <BR>“Ego Trip”

“Ego Trip”

Lose your mind and follow the cadence. Electro cumbia is empowering us and Deltatron is bringing the best of that new sound.

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Dengue Dengue Dengue <br>“Serpiente dorada”

Dengue Dengue Dengue
“Serpiente dorada”

Closer to reggae, Dengue Dengue Dengue tries to explore another side of danceable music without abandoning cumbia’s familiar sound.

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Elegante & La Imperial <BR>“Puro comer”

Elegante & La Imperial
“Puro comer”

Accompanied by one of the most sexual music videos ever made in Peru, “Puro comer” is another example of Lima’s digital cumbia boom.

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Gomas <BR>“El verano (murió)”

“El verano (murió)”

In 2014 Gomas finally released their long-awaited EP, “Canas Verdes”. As yet, the most beloved song from the Cebrián sisters’ band is “El verano (murió)” – and you’ll easily find out why.

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La Lá <BR>“Animales”

La Lá

Neo-folk? A jazzy Andean sweetie tune? We don’t know how to tag it, but it’s one the most beautiful songs of 2014. Her creator is Lima’s neighbourhood resident, La Lá.

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La Nueva Invasión <BR>“Todo es uno”

La Nueva Invasión
“Todo es uno”

Refreshing mix of Andean roots and nu-urban sounds, La Nueva Invasión will try to make you dance with a blend of cumbia infused with their highlander identity.

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La Nueva Invasión on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

La Torita <BR>“Anais Saoco”

La Torita
“Anais Saoco”

Peruvian hip-hop has an ambassador – La Torita, a female rapper from Lima with a huge street cred. “Anais Saoco” is a perfect example of her wide-ranging talents.

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Las Amigas de Nadie <BR>“Milón”

Las Amigas de Nadie

I pray this ladies’ band chooses “Milón” as their next single, because it’s one the finest songs made in our local scene recently. Influenced by Kate Bush and new art, Las Amigas de Nadie re-interpret dream pop in their very own way.

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Micaela Salaverry <BR>“Vals a mi fantasma”

Micaela Salaverry
“Vals a mi fantasma”

Sweet song coming from a promising new talent, singer-songwriter Micaela Salaverry. She hails from the northern city of Trujillo, and brings us a mixture of folk and pop at its best.

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Moldes <BR>“Vinylchrist”


Rock band Moldes used to sound noisy but on “Vinylchrist” they get lost in the middle of a dream – a strange one, as it features Christ and vinyl nails.

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Pacifika <BR>“Yo te amo”

“Yo te amo”

A Latin-infused reggae pop song decorated by the heartfelt voice of the singer Silvana. You can feel the influences from different parts of the world in this simple but lovely tune.

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Qechuaboi <BR>“La vida como un disco”

“La vida como un disco”

Synths and sampler are the tools of Qechuaboi, a Peruvian DJ who discovered electro cumbia while he was living in Barcelona. Now he’s made one of the most appriopriate songs for any party out there.

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Supay <BR>“Señales”


Prog rock resurrected by Andean music. The Supay quintet employ regular rock instrumentarium along with Andean percussion and Andean woodwinds, resulting in a sound no one’s ever developed before them.

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Tourista <BR>“Gato por liebre”

“Gato por liebre”

Tourista’s new single was produced by Cristián Heyne, known as the mastermind behind various Chilean indie pop acts. “Gato por liebre” brings a new kind of fusion between Peruvian rhythms and indie folk. The music video is a must-see.

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Vaselina <BR>“El terror de la noche”

“El terror de la noche”

With this new music video – a tribute to the famous film “A Clockwork Orange” – the old rockabilly song gets an opportunity for a revival, bringing inhabitants of Lima’s downtown some midnight fun.

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