Best Albums of 2014
by Andraž Kajzer with Hrup Mag staff

Incurabili <BR>“Fair Enough”

“Fair Enough”

Niko Novak and Bruno Subiotto are definitely not new names on the local rock and roll scene, but their outfit Incurabili brings the best out of them.

On “Fair Enough”, minimalistic rock, blues and punk stories are the red line full of funny lyrics, cool riffs and simple solutions that sound just charming.

♪♫ Listen: “Have a Pick” + album stream

Incurabili on www. Label: Založba Radia Študent.

It’s Everyone Else <BR>“New Religion”

It’s Everyone Else
“New Religion”

It’s Everyone Else is not your average boy-girl duo with synths and rhythm machines. Forget hipster, think hardcore. Expect a storm after every pause or a peaceful part.

“New Religion” is a huge statement and a wild musical trip full of unknown. IEE is not a joke, it’s 2 people pouring out their anger and trying to wake up the world around them.

♪♫ Listen: “New Religion” + album stream

It’s Everyone Else on Bandcamp, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Label: Noise Appeal.

ŠKM banda <BR>“Panontikon”

ŠKM banda

This quartet has a weird name – they’re named after a local hero Štefan Kovač Marko – and no vocals. But without exaggeration it’s one of the uniques in Slovenia. We can talk about the “future of post-rock” or the mega mix of genres – bringing together jazz, post-rock, ethno, noise and folk music, but still ŠKM banda possesses something special.

This time the sound picture is widen with diverse acoustic instruments like banjo, ukulele, kalimba, cimbalon and xylophone, but on “Panontikon” the band manages to combine everything into an ambient travel through the music worlds.

♪♫ Listen: “Potovanje” + album stream

ŠKM banda on Bandcamp, Facebook. Label: Kapa, God Bless This Mess.

Moveknowledgement <BR>“See”


For the last decade Ljubljana-based group Moveknowledgement has been one of the favourites of the alternative audience in Slovenia.

This time the quintet is trying to blend new stuff in their mixture of hip-hop, rock and avantgarde. Try krautrock, psychedelia and even some mainstream pop details! Lyrics and vocals delivered by N’toko are a cherry on the top of musically the best written album by the band.

♪♫ Listen: “Talk” + album stream

Moveknowledgement on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook. Label: Beton.

Nina Bulatovix <BR>“Jate”

Nina Bulatovix

Only a small circle knew what Nina Bulatovix is about, when the bass, drum and voice trio released its debut in 2011. Poorly recorded live album wasn’t able to reflect the dynamics of the orchestral bass, crazy drumming and the lyrical width.

After a short pause Nina finally returned on the stage and this time also to the studio, where they recorded an amazing piece of music – ranging from post-punk to ambiental recitation named “Jate”.

♪♫ Listen: “AA” + album stream

Nina Bulatovix on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube. Label: Kapa.