Best Tracks of 2014
as selected by Fabian Forslund


Victor Holmberg is one of Sweden’s rising stars who released their second single in 2014. Holmberg calls himself 1987 after his birth year.

In this song, he takes us on a journey from the barren landscape to a scent of the oriental, with Michelle incessantly in focus. He combines RnB with modern pop and the song carries a silent weight and drive with a moony touch.

1987 on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube – and beehype.

Label: Hybris

Alice Boman

Look up the word stage presence in a dictionary and you will get a picture of Alice Boman. She´s stunning live and her second EP “II”, released earlier in 2014, contains six timeless songs.

At first sight they can seem quite simple and done, but if you step into the world of Alice Boman you will never want to leave. I would say that this is one of the best acts you can see in Sweden right now.

Alice Boman-Over on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr.

Label: Adrian Recordings


If I should give you one song in Swedish I would give you “Ålen”. Mainly because you don´t need to understand the lyrics to understand what Amanda Bergman sings.

Her voice take you somewhere else and I´m not lying when I tell you that she got the best voice in Sweden. Slowly backed up by the band that consists of members of bands like Dungen, Miike Snow and Little Majorette. In other words, a Swedish supergroup.

Amason on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Label: Ingrid

Beatrice Eli

On the more accessible side of the pop-scale we got the new pop-icon Beatrice Eli who delivers power-pop with a dose of attitude, a dose of soul and electronic pop.

The result is both transboundary and liberating. Beatrice Eli takes the front of the new generation of popstars ready to dominate more than just Stockholm.

Beatrice Eli on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Label: Razzia

Cajsa Siik

On the same scale as Beatrice Eli, we find Cajsa Siik which we introduced to the beehype readers a couple of weeks ago.

Cajsa left 2014 with a great album behind her and the single “Higher” clearly is one of the strongest song of the year. Cajsa bears a softness and a pulsating energy that always make her music intriguing.

Cajsa Siik on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Label: Birds Will Sing for You

Call Me

Call Me’s first single “Disclosed” was featured on beehype earlier this year, but I have to say that the second single is much better, which says a lot.

Anna Nordenström combines music and politics when she’s describing what we in Sweden call the Pink Spring – when the feminist party advanced in the EU-election and the national election. While Sweden goes through a democratic depression because of the right-wing movement , it´s nice to know that we have artists who keep on struggling for human equality.

Call Me on Soundcloud.

Label: Luxury

“Rich Kids”

Every year needs a song that takes you up on your feet and Caotico always makes me wanna dance.

With the song “Rich Kids” they take their chance to tell the truth. In Sweden we have, through artist like Rebecca and Fiona, a genre called champagne-socialism and this song takes that genre further on. Life would be so much easier as a dumb, rich kid.

Caotico on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

Label: Svenska Inspelningar

First Aid Kit
“My Silver Lining”

Well this might be an open target but we can´t deny that the Söderberg sisters is on top of the line on the Swedish music scene. With this single and the album “Stay Gold” they left the cute and soft image that built their first success and now they show more attitude and more power.

They stand self-confident with four steady legs, two guitars and two voices made in heaven. Modern folk/indie could´t sound better.

First Aid Kit on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – and beehype.

Label: Jagadamba Records

Jonas Schwartz
“What If I Leave”

Jonas Schwartz’s second album was released on the small but refined label Adore Music in Gothenburg. This time Jonas left the classic singer-songwriter/indiepop genre to explore the electronic jungle and the result is stunning.

He sings better than ever, while the production and the sound is majestic without being to much. Perfection is the word you’re looking for.

Jonas Schwartz on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Label: Adore Music

Killers Walk Among Us
“Från Ramberget ser jag allt som någonsin hänt oss här”

Well, the story about KWAU can´t be explained in 3-4 sentences but I will make a try. “Från Ramberget ser…” is the strongest single from their debut album, a debut album released after the singer Stefan Holmberg took his life from a bridge in Gothenburg. A tragical end and this record is his testament and his inheritance to the world.

Despite the story and the song titles the album bears small glimpses of light and hope, and anyone can tell that this is postrock of a very high quality.

Killers Walk Among Us on www, Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook.

Label: A Tendervision Recording


Another band that always get you on you feet is Sameblod (the name means: the blood of an sami). This duo keeps on giving us great songs and “Suddenly” can be the best thing they ever made.

While the winter holds us down here in Sweden, Sameblod makes us dream about the summer again. We could need that, as we need Sameblod.

Sameblod on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Label: Sommarhjärta

School ’94

Old folks says that Gothenburg is called Little London, but thanks to School ’94 we can aim at a town further north on the British island. School ´94 is the brilliant singer Alice Botéus and the vibrant musicians from the incomparable indie-band Skansros.

“SoLong” was released in December 2013 in Sweden but makes a vital part of the new EP released on the lovely label Luxury in Gothenburg and by Cascine in the US.

School ’94 on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Label: Luxury/Cascine

Seinabo Sey
“Hard Times”

When Seinabo released her first single “Younger” in late 2013, people said that it was the best debut single ever in Swedish pop-history. So the expectations where mountain high when “Hard Times” was released in spring 2014.

The second single is a monster and Seinabo´s voice is bigger than ever. Strong song, great work in the studio and a world class singer is all you need to get by.

Seinabo Sey on www, Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – and beehype.

Label: Universal Music


There are some people who say that the modern Swedish dream pop genre is dead and that the hovering guitars and breathy vocals no longer are requested. Those people never heard Vildhjärta/na (Wildheart/s), a project of Andreas Grundel released on the small label Ramberget Recordings,

On his first single, the Malmö-based artist is assisted by Jonna Eriksson and you can´t listen to the song without the epic video from Jonas Börjesson (Video Dept).

Vildhjärta/na on Soundcloud, Facebook.

Label: Ramberget Recordins

Vita Bergen

We finish this list of with one of my darlings from Sweden. Vita Bergen (White Mountains) sound as if you blended your old heroes like Neil Young with bands like Arcade Fire – and brought it in to 2014.

“Curtains” is huge, with a dynamic from heaven and a arrangement made of gold. It´s polished yet dirty, mainly because of the intermezzo that ends up in a classic doowoop-stylish piano. Yeah, you understand me, it´s huge, as I said.

Vita Bergen on www, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Label: Kning Disc/Telegram