Best Albums of 2015
selected by Lisa Schneider

Ages <BR>“Roots”


Former AG Trio – now Ages – released the best collaboration album of the year, “Roots”.

They just reached out for several highly talented artists of the Austrian Indie-music scene and put together an exciting electronic, beat driven LP.

♪♫ Listen: “Chances” (feat. Johannes Eder)

Ages on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

Avec <BR>“Heartbeats” EP

“Heartbeats” EP

Young singer-songwriter Avec feels just the best when on stage just with her guitar – and her warmly beautiful voice.

Rooted in folkrock, she released her Debut EP „Heartbeats“ full of strong emotion and pathetic lyrics.

♪♫ Listen: “Granny

Avec on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

Bilderbuch <BR>“Schick Schock”

“Schick Schock”

Style, Glamour and Sexiness: Bilderbuch combine all of that on their third LP „Schick Schock“. All songs are sung in German but Bilderbuch managed to reach out over language borders.

Influences, as charismatic singer Maurice Ernst said, are wide-ranging: from Kanye West to The Supremes,to Beastie Boys. Artsy, funky, glittering rockmusic in best manner possible.

♪♫ Listen: “Maschin

Bilderbuch on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

Brenk Sinatra <BR>“Midnite Ride”

Brenk Sinatra
“Midnite Ride”

Viennese beat giant Brenk Sinatra released his “Midnite Ride” in 2015 – which was tensed awaited for.

Being one of the most active producers in Austria and Europe wide he again mixed up Gangsta Rap and Hip Hop with soul elements, even with progressive rock.

♪♫ Listen: “Midnite Ride Part I

Brenk Sinatra on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Catastrophe & Cure <BR>“Undeniable / Irresistible”

Catastrophe & Cure
“Undeniable / Irresistible”

Young Viennese/Upper Austrian band Catastrophe & Cure released their second LP, “Undeniable / Irresistible” back in 2015.

Although they didn’t leave their elegant singalong-melodies, their pop-ballads behind, they stepped in the direction of a more gloomy, deliberate kind of sound.

♪♫ Listen: “Bones

Catastrophe & Cure on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Crack Ignaz <BR>“Kirsch”

Crack Ignaz

The self entitled „Kind of the Alps“ raps in German and released his first album “Kirsch” in 2015.

Besides his rhymes the most important feature of all Crack Ignaz tracks is the beats, mostly provided by young Austrian producer Wandl.

♪♫ Listen: “Ned gscheid” + album stream

Crack Ignaz on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Fijuka <BR>“Use my soap”

“Use my soap”

Funky female duo Fijuka are Autria’s most adorable band when it comes to discopop.

“Use my soap” is full of enchanting, glittering melodies, catchy rhythms, and the fabulous craziness of singer Ankathie Koi.

♪♫ Listen: “Ca Ca Caravan” + album stream

Fijuka on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Gerard <BR>“Neue Welt”

“Neue Welt”

Austrian rapper Gerard released his LP “Neue Welt” and combines his german rap parts with pop – and also electronic influences.

He this time kicks deeper into a more experimental style, interestingly mirroring his monotonly used vocals with complex popsong structures.

♪♫ Listen: “Durch die Nacht

Gerard on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

Hearts Hearts <BR>“Young”

Hearts Hearts

Often compared to Radiohead and alt-J, Hearts Hearts from Vienna released one of the best Austrian debut albums in 2015.

Their atmospheric electropop, drifting away in experimental sound installations is fragile the same as dazzling.

♪♫ Listen: “Hunter Limits

Hearts Hearts on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, www.

Inner Tongue <BR>“TZ,KA” EP

Inner Tongue

Inner Tongue’s debut EP, “TZ,KA”, is sort of enigmatic, mysterious electropop.

To all of the three songs there is a synthesizer driven, melancholic prevailing mood that is never overruled by the fine and fragile voice. Mysteriously, catchingly beautiful.

♪♫ Listen: “Fallen Empire

Inner Tongue on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

KidsnCats <BR>“Kaos”


KidsnCats, the most crazy quartet of the Austrian music scene made the most crazy album of the year, “Kaos”.

Singer Jeanne mixes English, French and various contrived languages – singing along to funky beats, dream pop elements, buggy guitar riffs.

♪♫ Listen: “Air” + album stream

KidsnCats on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

Leyya <BR>“Spanish Disco”

“Spanish Disco”

Electro-Duo Leyya, consisting of Sophie and Marco, released their very first LP “Spanish Disco” in 2015.

The title does not really tell which songs are waiting behind it: partly dark, mainly melancholic electro pop ballads, but also strong songs, featuring heavy bass- and drumlines.

♪♫ Listen: “Superego

Leyya on Soundcloud, Facebook, www + beehype interview.

M. P. <BR>“Magic” EP

M. P.
“Magic” EP

Young producer and MC based in Vienna, M. P. just started his solo career as a rapper in 2015.

He produced songs and features for the last years, but now finally released his first collection of his very own songs.

♪♫ Listen: “Good Life

M. P. on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

Mile Me Deaf <BR>“Eerie bits of future trips”

Mile Me Deaf
“Eerie bits of future trips”

Mile Me Deaf released a great number of LPs up to now – “Eerie bits of future trips” being one of the very best.

The Viennese band mixes up Krautrock, New Wave, Postpunk – and just edgy, frayed guitars. Mile Me Deaf strum their instruments, building up in walls of experimental, breathtaking noiserock.

♪♫ Listen: “Digital Memory File” + album stream

Mile Me Deaf on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, www.

Mynth <BR>“Polar Night” EP

“Polar Night” EP

Mynth is another very young, very talented electro-duo, who released their debut EP in 2015.

“Polar Nights” is inspired by travels to the north, transferring silence and darkness into enthralling melodies, underlayed by a arrogating bassline and striking, heavy drums.

♪♫ Listen: “I’m Good” + album stream

Mynth on Soundcloud, Facebook.

Schmieds Puls <BR>“”I Care a Little Less About Everything Now”

Schmieds Puls
“”I Care a Little Less About Everything Now”

Singer Mira Lu Kovacs has a breathtakingly beautiful, strong voice – and doesn’t even need many more devices than a soft, supporting guitar.

Schmied’s Puls released an album full of strong, but even though dust songs. It’s lyric wise the same adorably pessimistic as arresting, combined with precisely arranged, guitar accompanied melodies.

♪♫ Listen: “You Can Go Now” + album stream

Schmieds Puls on Soundcloud, Facebook, www.

Sleep <BR>“Sleep”


Soloproject of Ja, Panik singer Andreas Spechtl, “Sleep” is a dazzling, thrilling package of songs that together work as one united piece.

Often drifting into sphaeric sounds, beautiful, but also stirring noise, this LP is more like an adventure than it’s pop.

♪♫ Listen: “Sister Sleep

Andreas Spechtl on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

Steaming Satellites <BR>“Steaming Satellies”

Steaming Satellites
“Steaming Satellies”

One of Austria’s very best live bands released another great Indierock album. Tougher, more experienced and singer Max’ voice even more extraordinary than before.

On their sellf-title album, Steaming Satellites combine 70ies rock and synthies, smooth blues and psychedelic post-core.

♪♫ Listen: “Honey

Steaming Satellites on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

Wanda <BR>“Bussi”


Austrias most famous Austropop-band of the moment, Wanda, just released their much talked about second album, called “Bussi”.

The title stands for “kiss” in English and makes the band’s statement quite clear: carry the Viennese pop culture far beyond the Austrian borders. Bussi, baby.

♪♫ Listen: “Bussi Baby

Wanda on Facebook, www.

We Walk Walls <BR>“Opportunity”

We Walk Walls

We Walk Walls released their second LP and completed their sound – much to their experience touring and working together closely as a band.

As result, “Opportunity” is a fine mixture of electro- and guitarpop.

♪♫ Listen: “Little Lies

We Walk Walls on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.