Best Indie Tracks of 2015
selected by Edwin Lo from Bitetone

Choi Sai Ho
“Perfect Equality”

Electronic. The lead single off of leading Hong Kong electronic musician Choi Sai Ho’s second album “SYNC” is an electro charged 4/4 dance track that is infectiously catchy.

Featuring Jan Curious of Chochukmo fame, “Perfect Equality” moves from beat to beat in style, with Curious providing the right amount of whimsical flair to keep the song from ever losing steam.

Choi Sai Ho on Facebook, YouTube, www.

David Boring

Post-punk / Noise rock. Combining the mechanical ferocity of noise rock greats such as Big Black and Chrome with the punk urgency of bands such as Hüsker Dü and Fugazi, Hong Kong’s David Boring is one of the more exciting bands of recent years.

“Machine #1” is a menacing little piece made up of angular guitars and discordant effects over cold industrial beats. Remember to check out the music video that conjures the same chaotic imagery.

David Boring on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.

Gravity Alterstra
“Dynamyte Love”

Electronic. Three-person electro-music group Gravity Alterstra makes dark edgy electronic tracks that could be best compared to alternative dance musicians such as Uffie or Azalea Banks.

The song “Dynamyte Love” features beats of machine gun like intensity and shifting vocal styles that are sure to get your body moving.

Gravity Alterstra on Soundcloud, Facebook.

In One Stroke

Jazz. Sophisticated, refined, and beautiful are some of the adjectives one could use to describe the music from Hong Kong jazz unit In One Stroke.

The blending of western jazz styles with Chinese music influences, comes together to produce a unique yet familiar sound. But one does not need to know the ins and outs of jazz to appreciate the charm of their recordings – simply sublime.

In One Stroke on Facebook, YouTube.

Jing Wong
“How to Disappear”

Folk rock / Blues rock. 2015 has been a fruitful and prolific year for local singer songwriter Jing Wong, who has laid low since his 2012 debut live album “Last Breath of Youthful Melancholy”.

Returning with both an English and Chinese mini-album in 2015, the releases highlight a newfound sense of raw energy for the folk-oriented songwriter.

“How to Disappear” builds upon a chugging guitar riff that sees Wong lay bare his emotions in its rawest form; a far cry from the subdued nature of his past work, it comes as a welcome change.

Jing Wong on Facebook, YouTube.

Michael Lai
“Upcycling Hero”

Folk / Acoustic. A play on the term to describe outstanding young people, Michael Lai’s “Upcycling Hero” (“香港傑出廢青”) from his 2015 debut album “UUDDLRLR AB Start”, is a simple pop number that shines in its blending of social commentary and incorporation of hand-made upcycled instruments.

If “Upcycling Hero” is any indication, Michael Lai (黎曉陽) is a singer songwriter to keep an eye on.

Michael Lai on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.


Shoegaze / Noise rock. Murmur’s “Pink” starts off with an outburst of guitar feedback that would do Kevin Shields proud, and what’s not to like about the band’s penchant for creating blissful noise?

Simply put this four-piece band from Hong Kong knows how to do shoegaze and noise rock well. It doesn’t hurt that the music video also takes the cake as one of the most WTF music videos we’ve seen this year.

Murmur on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

Teenage Riot
“The Revenge”

Indie rock / Lo-Fi. Made up of members from indie scene mainstays Harbour Records, Teenage Riot is like an all-star mash up from the legacy of bands part of the longtime record label.

One of the more subdued tracks off their 2015 album “The Revenge” (鳩之報恩), the titular track is a solemn tale of heartbreak and revenge perfectly enacted through the beautiful voice of lead singer Freakiyo.

A must listen for fans of 80’s and 90’s lo-fi indie rock.

Teenage Riot on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.

Wynne Lo
“Early Summer”

Alternative rock / Folk. One of the three singer-songwriters to come out of the Renaissance Foundation music funding scheme in 2015, Wynne Lo’s “Early Summer” (初夏) is a solid cut of alternative rock backed by stellar lyrics and melody.

The other two singer songwriters, Tang Yi and Vincy Chan, who are a part of the project, are really worth checking out as well.

Wynne Lo on Facebook.

“With Utmost Effort”

Hip-hop. Wild$tyle Records is one of the most active hip-hop promoters in Hong Kong of recent years.

Made from over 10 members, the song “With Utmost Effort” (一生懸命) comes from the crew’s youngest rapper – Youngqueenz, and sees him rapping alongside Taiwan rapper Peatle over ominous synths and a hard hitting urban beat about the dark side of life.

Filled with rich imagery and undeniable flow, the track shows that Youngqueenz can spit it with the best of them.

Youngqueenz on Soundcloud, Facebook.