Best Tracks of 2015
selected by Naman Saraiya

Adam & the fish eyed poets

Chennai boy Kishore Krishna should perhaps hole in and give us a new record every year, but since that’s not possible, I’ll take this.

Seeing the progression of the narrative across the previous records, hearing the new one – “More Songs From An Island” – definitely more widely arranged, instrumentally and in terms of production, was a great aural experience.

His rock n’ roll songwriting, and intrinsic vocals often don’t reach enough ears. If I had to choose, I’d stick with “Wormwood Eyes” and “CharlieSheen”.

Adam & the fish eyed poets on Bandcamp, Facebook + beehype.

“Renaissance Mission”

Warren Mendonsa finally gave fans (and believers!) a new album after a big gap – and it was well worth it.

On “The Universe Has A Strange Sense of Humour”, the as-good-as-legendary axeman joins forces with several musicians, who form his band and even includes Asian underground veteran Karsh Kale on drums on a couple of songs.

Having introduced “Renaissance Mission” to the beehype audiences, I’d recommend the whole album this time around, and take it a step further by hearing his previous records too.

Blackstratblues on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www + beehype.

Frame / Frame
“Fragment” ft. Big City Harmonics

Having introduced Nikhil Kaul’s music in the Best of 2014, seeing two releases from the Delhi producer was exciting – and he almost kept the entirety of his promise.

On his EP, “Flutter“, Kaul collaborates with Pune boy Big City Harmonics to bring us the melodic tune “Fragment”, which stays true to his roots and often sends you spiralling into an indulgent whirlwind of visuals upon closing your eyes.

Frame / Frame on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

Imphal Talkies
“Ode to Loktak”

I don’t need to understand Akhu’s langauge to know his words. The folk singer cum activist makes his voice heard irrespective, and no one is spared from getting a piece of his mind and concern about the larger neglect towards humanity, especially in the North East of India.

Having introduced this song to beehype listeners before, I would recommend looking out for more stuff from Akhu, aka Imphal Talkies on the internet.

Not to forget, if you do get a chance to watch the band live, it’s well worth your time.

Imphal Talkies on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter + beehype.

Midival Punditz

The electro-fusion big wigs waited a long time to release their new album, “Light”, and I’m not so sure I was as excited hearing the record in 2015 as much as I was with the previews in 2013.

That said, the record definitely made for good listening, and stood its own despite the delay. Of my pick from the songs on the album, “Baanwarey” is a crowd favourite and a live fixture too and makes for uplifting and easy hearing.

Midival Pundit on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube + beehype.

Oh! Rocket
“Blue Raccoon Dog”

Aniket Dutta is a strange boy, who proudly wears all his influences, but wouldn’t hesitate in denying them.

Of all his releases so far, “Blue Raccoon Dog” is a song I’ve particularly enjoyed the most. A dreamy video accompanies the equally dreamy song, making me hope for better produced and well crafted material from the young Kolkata lad.

Oh! Rocket on Soundcloud, Facebook.

“Tangerine Fool”

Sandunes and Jivraj Singh make music that makes them move, and that’s enough to get you to move while listening. It’s not your four to the floor, but often perceived as intelligent dance music; a term I’ve often wondered about.

“Tangerine Fool” was the first single off their debut EP, which was released earlier this month, and is definitely worth a listen over on the RBMA Soundcloud channel.

Sandunes on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook. Jivraj Singh on TwitterSoundcloud, Facebook + beehype.

Peter Cat Recording Co.

It was good to have another Peter Cat Recording Co. record on my playlist after “Sinema” and discounting the weak, perhaps confusing second record, “Wall of Want”.

Watching the band play a couple of shows in support of the album, “Climax”, only made me realise how much I enjoyed watching the New Delhi musicians really come together, and wish they carried forward that energy into the next record, and their several other side projects.

Some songs off the new effort that really stood out for me were “Portrait of a time” and “Copulations”.

Peter Cat Recording Co. on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, www + beehype.

Prateek Kuhad

This one, from the Jaipur-born, Delhi-based singer songwriter was definitely my pick of the last year, amongst the many releases.

Seeing Kuhad perform the new album, “In Tokens and Charms“, almost in its entirety with a couple of newer songs in a little auditorium in Mumbai was a humbling and special experience. Since that particular show, despite having seen him before, there was an aura I attached to Kuhad’s simplistic songwriting at every performance.

“Go” is definitely one of my favourites songs from the last year, and has an interesting video too.

Prateek Kuhad on SoundcloudFacebook, Twitter, www + beehype.

Sid Vashi

Though Sid Vashi released his debut record in 2013/4, the lad bounced into prominence in the year 2015 with respect to the live electronic music scene.

He played a particularly impressive set a small room in Mumbai, halfway into the year – and things went well from thereon. He did some solo shows across the country, which included a few festival slots as well – giving his music a bigger audience that he deservedly pulled towards him.

He’s promised a new record this year, and we can’t wait!

Sid Vashi on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.